Romance gone?

With your sex life at low ebb it’s tempting to assume that a) your partner no longer finds you attractive or b) it’s your marital manifest destiny to have the chemistry fizzle out.  No denying that the love life of a married couple is different from that of a single, but different doesn’t mean worse. […]

Couple fights: 3 simple rules from Saigon traffic

Handling conflict is tough for most couples.  On a recent (and wonderful) trip to Vietnam, I learned a new way to think about it.  Saigon’s nonstop stream of roaring motorcycles and cars is risky enough to scare even your average jaywalking New Yorker:  virtually no traffic lights, lanes or Walk/Don’t Walk signals in a city […]

Dreading Valentine’s Day?

  So your relationship is a long way from dreamy, and you’re thinking your husband or wife doesn’t deserve a Valentine this year. You’re just not feeling it.  Sending a hearts-and-flowers card would be fake, and might convey that he or she is off the hook for more than a few  things you’re not too […]

Are those real couples in the Vows column?

So every Sunday morning you download the Times, scan the Top News and Most E-Mailed sections, and then turn to your two favorite lighthearted parts of the paper:  Real Estate and Weddings/Celebrations.  Okay, so let’s talk about the Vows column.  What couple, you wonder, can possibly sustain such an incredible assortment of creative,  professional and […]