A good divorce?

Yes, it’s possible — with the right attitude and support.

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you know that no matter how much you want to proceed in a way that’s best for everyone, emotions are running high. Everyone, especially the children, is suffering. You know the marriage is over, and yet you worry that you face a long and destructive legal battle. You have the capacity to make your divorce less painful if you approach it as a problem to be solved, not as a battle to be won. Even thought you are divorcing your spouse, you will always be parents to your children. Now, hard as it may be, is a critical time to learn to cooperate. You are laying the groundwork for the rest of your and your children’s lives.

With the help of active, supportive therapists and mediators or collaborative lawyers committed to helping you and your spouse learn to work as a team, you and your children can move toward the next step in your lives as constructively as possible. It’s up to you. Don’t make this harder on everyone than it needs to be.

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