Real-Life Relationship Repairs

Turned Off by the Shutdown? A Mental Health Perspective

The Washington Post called to interview me this week on how a marriage counselor sees the Congressional impasse.  When it comes to major conflict, both couples and government officials are most effective when they: 1.  Refrain from blaming; 2.  Focus on creating a shared future; 3.  Avoid seeking advice from people who are more likely […]

Solve all your problems by moving?

Tempting to imagine, right?  Escape from all the pressures of the city and you’d find work life integration at last?  Hope you’ll take a look at the latest post on my Slow Marriage blog for some thoughts after a recent trip to the beautiful Southwest.              

What Makes a Marriage Feel like a Dance?

Or what’s the difference between a happy marriage and a Volvo?  Hope you’ll take a look at my latest post on the Slow Marriage blog and find the answer.  Hint:  it has something to do with pioneering research on flow.               .

The Opt-Out, Opt-In Generation and the Power of Intimate Partnership

A wife doesn’t make a life; a couple does.  Reading Judith Warner’s  The Opt-Out Generation Opts Back In in Sunday’s New York Times,  I wondered about the thousands of pivotal moments missing from the article.  I’m talking about the quick chat over morning coffee, a glass of wine together while kids do homework, or late-night pillow […]