The Opt-Out, Opt-In Generation and the Power of Intimate Partnership

A wife doesn’t make a life; a couple does.  Reading Judith Warner’s  The Opt-Out Generation Opts Back In in Sunday’s New York Times,  I wondered about the thousands of pivotal moments missing from the article.  I’m talking about the quick chat over morning coffee, a glass of wine together while kids do homework, or late-night pillow […]

The Downton Abbey Guide to Couples Counseling

Why did we all love Downton?  The period costumes.  The stunning interiors and table settings.  And, of course, those gorgeous hats.  But mostly, I’m thinking, it was the dialogue. No blaring electronics.  No foul language.  No one used “like” as a verbal tic or ends a declarative sentence with a question mark. Conversation on Downton […]