Hurricane Sandy and You’re Home with Your Spouse?

Whether you’re tripping over each other in a small apartment or worrying about trees falling on your house, this much time together chez vous is stressful for many couples.  Just acknowledging that to each other is a great first step.

Take a few minutes to sit down and make a plan:  divide your space, plan some shared fun (click here for 7 great rainy day movies), tackle the food prep and tidying up as a team.

Consider your different worrying styles and goals:  if you are a ranter, try writing down your fears about the storm and then share a condensed version with your spouse so he or she doesn’t get overwhelmed.  If you want to quietly get some work done, say so.

Getting on each other’s nerves?  Probably inevitable at some point.  When the going gets tough, check out these Rules for Fair Fighting.

Hope you stay safe, dry and well-fed.




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