Relationship Problems?

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • Arguing a lot?
  • Lacking intimacy or affection?
  • Dealing with an affair or infidelity?
  • Avoiding each other?
  • Sarcastic or hostile?

The most up-to-date research shows that these are signs that a relationship has deteriorated and are associated with a greatly increased likelihood of breakup or divorce.

Unless you get effective help soon, chances are things will only get worse.

There’s reason for hope. Often the only thing that gets in the way of a more satisfying relationship is a couple’s lack of skills. Many partners don’t know how to communicate, manage conflict, heal their marriage after an infidelity, or renew intimacy. Fortunately — if you are motivated and get appropriate coaching from an experienced, solution-focused therapist — you can learn.

Learning in relationship therapy is an opportunity to grow and enrich your partnership. In the therapy session, I work actively with you to examine your patterns of communication and to help you find new, wholehearted ways to connect. I draw on the most effective resources and research, using my experience and creativity to help you build the life you seek. You will gain insight into how you and your partner developed your approach to relating and learn how to build on your strengths.

I specialize in

  • Relationship therapy for couples or individuals
  • Healing a marriage after infidelity
  • Emotional affair recovery
  • Renewing intimacy
  • Couple communication and conflict management skills 

Between sessions I offer email support because research shows it helps keep couples on track by providing you with an emotional safety net during tough times.

Relationship therapy is often intense, but it presents matchless opportunities to improve your teamwork and rediscover the love that brought you together.

I hope you’ll look around this site and watch my video to learn more about how I may able able to help you.


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Since 1990 I have been helping busy people in the New York area recover from pain and stress, gain confidence, and enjoy more trusting, fulfilling relationships.

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