Cosmopolitan interviewed me on a topic that sounds like a quick way to end your engagement:  “How to Ask for a Prenup.”  For certain couples, a prenuptial agreement clarifies boundaries and builds the foundation for a lifetime of love.  Find out if you’re one of those couples — and learn how to raise the question — in this surprisingly entertaining article.

I’m now blogging at  Hope you’ll visit for research-backed reflections and inspiration on how to stop stressing and enjoy each other again.

Discernment counseling:  proud to be one of the first 3 therapists in the State of New York (and one of 2 in NYC) trained and listed in the directory of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project as practitioners of discernment counseling.  We help couples considering divorce pause long enough to take a look at what’s happened to their marriage and clearly understand what it would take to repair it.  That way they can make an informed decision with professional support.  Learn more on my discernment counseling page.

Women’s Health magazine quoted me in their January/February 2013 issue:  “Curious If You’re a Normal Couple?” by Faye Brennan and in an April 2013 article about Anthony Weiner’s marriage, “Cyber Cheating:  Would You Forgive Your Partner?”

Quoted in “No Divorce Is the New Divorce” in The New York Observer.

In October 2012 I presented at the 40th annual conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, whose theme was Generosity & Greed:  Shaping Self and Society.  My topic:  “Relational Generosity:  Moving Beyond ‘Sharing Feelings’ to Nurturing the Marital Friendship.”

On the new Marriage Counseling hope site sponsored by Marriage Friendly Therapists I posted this blog:  Fired by the Marriage Counselor!  No, I didn’t do the firing…

Read “Ready for a baby?” featuring an interview with me in the Chicago Tribune.  Read “So Cute, So Hard on a Marriage” in WSJ

Read “How Your Baby Bonds with You” my article  on’s “This Emotional Life.”




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