Clinical Supervision and Training Analysis

For candidates in NAAP member institutes

Develop your skills, discover your strengths, build your practice. 

A helpful supervisor is a good listener, committed to helping you develop your unique voice as you work with patients. Effective supervision offers an extra set of eyes to help you recognize what the patient is communicating and use your skills and intuition to be as helpful as possible. In a respectful, collegial setting with an experienced supervisor you can learn to better understand diagnosis, transference and countertransference and to develop empathy for and insight into the patient’s struggles and growth.

Supervision is an opportunity to develop your unique identity as a therapist, to build on your strengths and to clarify your professional approach and ethics so that you grow into the best therapist you can be.

Finally, it’s a chance to create a healthy balance between work and personal life and to gain the skills to reach your professional goals.

Many experienced practitioners regard the training analysis as a sometimes challenging but invaluable aspect of their work as a psychoanalytic candidate; it is a hallmark of our profession. Your training analysis is an opportunity to explore your life experiences, to find meaning and heal from hurt, and to increase your empathy for patients who seek psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. It also offers a setting where you can find support and perspective as you consider the challenges of your years of training in light of your personal journey.

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