Couples or Individual Therapy?

Two ways to help strengthen your partnership.

Finding a balance in relationships is often challenging.

Sometimes in a relationship, distance between partners  is the problem. We share little of our real selves and we avoid bringing up “hot topics.” We may think our relationship is in pretty good shape because we don’t argue, but our connection isn’t really satisfying. It feels stagnant. There’s a lot of silence or small talk or television. Couples are often surprised to learn  that relationships where they “never argue” are at high risk because partners drift apart  

When a relationship is too intense, on the other hand, we may spend a lot of time thinking how much better everything would be if our partner would only change. We seem to spend a lot of our free time making mental lists of all the ways he or she needs to improve. We blame each other for our unhappiness. Conflict is angry and painful  

Couples counseling can be a highly effective way to sort out these issues, of course. But it may come as a surprise to know that for many people, individual therapy with a therapist who understands individual growth in the context of relationships can also be a path to a stronger, more satisfying marriage or relationship.

Sometimes, through a one-on-one connection with a therapist, you can develop a stronger sense of yourself and discover that you are better equipped to relate to your partner in new ways. And particularly if your partner is unable or reluctant to try couples counseling, then individual therapy offers an opportunity for you to understand and create change in the relationship.


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